Comma to be Removed? HA!

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Name: Comma may be abolished from the English Language
Date: 9/2/14
Author: ???

Key Ideas:

  • Comma might be removed from the English language
  • John McWhorter believes this won’t have a major impact on the state of some texts (even though this is in the US)
  • The Oxford Comma is not needed to make complete sense of texts in the English Language.
Language Features: Complete shift in language, sentence structure, pauses, cohesion, punctuation etc..
Course Aspects: Unit 3 - AoS 1: Informal Language - Language Variation, stylistic features in informal speech and writing

Personal Opinion: I believe that this is ridiculous, I use the comma every single day of my life. Punctuation is apart of every day life, and if removed, it could in fact ruin most texts and change the way we read them. Short article, but interesting nonetheless.

  • “Nobody has any reason for it that is scientifically sensible and logical in the sense that we know how hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water,” McWhorter told Slate magazine.
  • “You “could take them out of a great deal of modern (American) texts and you would probably suffer so little loss of clarity that there could even be a case made for not using commas at all,” McWhorter said.”

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