‘Oi, you said Language wrong!’ ‘What? Leenguige?’

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Name: Should you ever correct someone's mispronunciation?
Date: 2/5/14
Author: Seth Stevenson
Key Ideas:
  • People always correct other peoples mispronunciation
  • Vocabulary only improves as you get older
  • Excessive corrections when someone says something wrong is counterproductive
  • When no-one corrects you it feels like they’re judging you, when some-one corrects you you get embarrassed
Language Features: Lexicon, Spoken Discourse, Vocabulary, Phonology
Course Aspects: Unit 3 - AoS 2: Formal Language - Stylistic features in formal speech and writing, AoS 1: Informal Language - Stylistic features in informal speech and writing
Personal Opinion: I agree with Seth, and think that you should correct someone if they mispronounce something, but it’s not a good idea if they aren’t your friend.
  • “you can count on reliable growth in the size of your vocabulary well into your 70s”
  • “we should not let ourselves be cowed in a work meeting, a classroom setting, or a casual têteàtête with a pal. “
  • “Words on the edge of your ken, whose definitions or pronunciations turn out to be just out of grasp as you reach for them. The words you basically know but, hmmm, on second thought, maybe haven’t yet mastered?”
  • “I was corrected in the very best way possible: quickly and reflexively by the corrector, without judgement, like an executioner with a sharp, dispassionate blade”

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