This is disgusting

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Name: Australian parents pressured to drop home language for English
Date: 24/7/13
Author: Stella Tzobanakis

Key Ideas:

  • Migrant parents under pressure to dump their own language believing it will help their children learn English
  • Knowing more than one language actually helps the child, unlike what the parents think
  • Lot’s of people in Australia are concentrated on English and think another language will stop the learning of English
Language Features: Language change over time
Course Aspects: Unit 4 - AoS 1: Language variation in Australian society - 

Personal Opinion: I’m pretty appalled by this actually, to think that migrant parents are feeling pressured to learn English and not speak their own at all, for fear of their children having impaired learning, but I’m glad that Prof. Hajek is telling people that it can actually improve childrens learning by knowing their native language as well as English. Hopefully less parents think this way, because it’s wrong to lose your heritage.

  • “a parents’ own lack of English language skills did not disadvantage the child learning English.”
  • “migrant parents were taught to undervalue their own languages, and to ignore their own histories in “a mistaken belief” that it was the only way for their children to learn English successfully.”
  • “There are many benefits to speaking more than one language – personal and intellectual development, improved social and cultural understanding and awareness, future career paths, cultural and family maintenance”
  • “In countries such as Australia many of us are fixated on English and think that another language stops the learning of English,”

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