English isn’t broken you imbecile.

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*I realise we’ve done this article in class and only realised after I did it. Sorry

Name: The world's doomed in anyone's language as English is broken
Date: 2/7/13
Author: Alice Clarke

Key Ideas:

  • English is broken
  • Words being added to the dictionary are random and un-needed.
  • Language evolves from people creating it, not from people making it up
Language Features: Prescriptivism, language change across time
Course Aspects: Unit 4 - AoS 1: the role of Standard and non-Standard English in Australian society

Personal Opinion: I think this woman is an idiot, words are constantly changing as much as technology is too and if she thinks that because people post things on the internet with random blugging words then she doesn’t fully understand how language works. Because words become words for a reason. All words have meaning, and there’s no point in arguing that point. Prescriptivists like this annoy me to no end.

  • “For centuries it was influenced by the best scholars, who found new and inventive ways to advance it and make it more accessible and useful for everyone. Today, it’s more influenced by the idiots who comment on YouTube.”
  • “Language evolves not so much through careful cultivation but more though people getting it wrong and making it up.”
  • “The Oxford English Dictionary Online changed “literally” by adding a less literal, meaning: “informally used for emphasis while not being literally true: I have received literally thousands of letters”.”

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