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Name: What the Hell IS 'Conscious Uncoupling,' Anyway?
Date: 2/6/14
Author: Dr. Sonya Rhodes

Key Ideas:

  •  Conscious uncoupling is where couples confront their differences by looking into themselves instead of blaming their partners
  • Couples that do this have shown that there are decreased divorce rates among people in their twenties, but higher with older couples
  • The hard part about this is that the traits that attracted you to your partner could come back and annoy you.
Language Features: Neologisms
Course Aspects:Unit 3 - AoS 1 - Informal Language: stylistic features in informal speech and writing, including phonological patterning, syntactic patterning, morphological 

Personal Opinion: I believe that conscious uncoupling would be a great way for couples to sort out their problems, it’s a cool new word with a deep meaning that could help many people through hard times. Many prescriptivists may find this word annoying or want to get rid of it for some reason but this deserves its place in the dictionary.


  • “The partner that initially looked confident can appear brash and smug. The assertive person turns out to be a bully.”
  • “If you don’t feel comfortable with parts of yourself, you “disown” this part and pick a partner who represents that part of you.”
  • “This is actually a pretty radical point of view when you consider that when nearly all people talk about their divorces, there’s always some element of blaming their partner.”
  • “If you are overly responsible, you will pick someone who is laid-back and mellow. If you tend to fret over spending money, you will pick someone who is self-indulgent. If you are afraid of your aggression, you will be attracted to someone who has no problem being assertive.”

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