Touchy Subject…

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Name: What happens if Asians said the stuff white people say
Date: 10/6/14 
Author: Candice Chung

Key Ideas:

  • Racism towards Asians is much less socially acceptable.
  • Some Asian people are taking advantage of not having racial slurs thrown at them by making racist jokes towards white people satirically.
  •  Asians get hurt feelings too.
Language Features: Dysphemisms, Euphemisms, Racism
Course Aspects: Unit 4 - AoS 1 - Language Variation in Australian Society: attitudes within society to different varieties of English, including prescriptivism and descriptivism, how and why Australian English varies according to culture

Personal Opinion: I think that now that we can joke about being racist towards all races people could become more accepting of other races, (the people that are still racist) This is a bit of a touchy subject and I probably shouldn’t say too much on the matter..


  • “As old-timey microaggressive folks like to say, “No offence intended”.”
  • “nowadays we acknowledge that Asians (though not white) are also people. And thus have feelings that can sometimes get hurt.”
  • “Despite our total and effusive embrace of kimchi and pork buns, there are still times when random acts of microaggression rear their ugly heads”

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