I beat this article so hard that I shend it.

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Name: Mullered and 61 other words for beaten at sport
Date: 24/6/14
Author: Jonathon Green

Key Ideas:

  •  There are lots of different ways to write beaten (when talking about sport)
  • All of these words have double meanings, to fenk someone > to conquer someone > to beat someone
  • The author doesn’t like that one word “Muller” put into past tense, can mean so many different things.
  • Basically saying that there are TOO many words that can relate to beating someone.
Language Features: Synonymy, Sports Jargon
Course Aspects: Unit 3 - AoS 2 - Formal Language: The relationship between the context and the features of language in formal texts

Personal Opinion: I think that it really doesn’t matter how many different words there are for a single word in a particular jargon, and that they all can be used whenever someone sees fit.


  • “It hurts me to pour icy water upon that straw-grasping desperation that is popular etymology”
  • “The first sighting is 1993. Nor would it equally often be spelled as mullah (and nor does it have religious origins). It comes from mull, which means pulverise. Smash into tiny pieces.”
  • “War is also responsible for blast, blitz and blow away.”
  • “We are better served by beat – “To strike (a man or beast) with blows of the hand or any weapon so as to give pain; to inflict blows on, to thrash; to punish by beating,” as the OED defines it.”

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