Streuth Mate!! How did this bloody change?!

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Name: The rise and fall of Australian slang
Date: 11/6/14
Author: Jon Donnison

Key Ideas:

  • Australian English has the strongest history of slang in the world
  • Television played a big part in Australias slang and jargon
  • But slang is slowly dying out as more and more Australians think it is ‘uncool’ as politicians are using it to seem ‘cool’ and to get more votes
Language Features: Jargon, Australian Slang
Course Aspects: Unit 4 - AoS 1 - Language Variation in Australian Society: features of Broad, General and Cultivated Australian English accents, how Australian English varies according to geography, including national and regional variation, the role of language in constructing national identity. (there are many more)

Personal Opinion: I believe that Australian slang is dying out in more city/suburban areas around Australia, but in more rural areas, there would be many more broad speakers of English that use these types of slang more often. The politicians use of this slang is (in my opinion) to get all of the oldies voting for them instead, as there are much more of them than there are of the 20-40 age.


  • A taste of strine: “Budgie smugglers – tight-fitting skimpy swimming trunks, Sangers – sandwiches, Snag – sausage etc…”
  • “There can be few languages, or dialects, with a stronger history of slang than Australian English.”
  • “But the glory days of Australian slang really arrived in the 1960s and 1970s.”
  • “If you look at all our television these days, there’s lot more American programmes than you find in the UK for example.”

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