Emoji’s are useless ☹☹ (winkyface)(turbanhead)(chicken)

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Name: Adults who use emoji should grow up
Date: 18/6/14
Author: David Webster

Key Ideas:

  • Adults shouldn’t use emoji’s.
  • Emoji’s are a meaningless and are “unimaginative next to this level of innovation” and do not show much emotion.
  • People who use emoji’s can’t understand basic irony or sarcasm in texts without an emoticon, they are needed in peoples texts to show that they are making a joke.
  • The use of emoticons are a “cultural trend” and this annoys the author.
Language Features: lexical choice and semantic patterning in texts: irony, sarcasm, emoticons, repetition.
Course Aspects: Unit 3 - AoS 1 - Informal Language: the role of standard and non-standard english in creating formal and informal texts, the use of informal language in - maintaining positive face needs

Personal Opinion: In my own opinion, emoji’s aren’t useful at all, they are only used to convey someones emotions, and even then they sometimes do not do that at all, there is an emoji of a poop. Who would want to use an emoji of a poop to convey their emotions. It just doesn’t make sense. Basically the younger generation is so into this new ‘language’ that the older generation want in on it too, and are ruining their own language to try and fit in. I don’t like how they are becoming a part of everyday messaging, when a smiley face 🙂 was all that was needed to say you were happy, not 100 different faces of different animals for it. I do, however, believe that the author is very against children and thinks that they are annoying when they use emojis, and he shouldn’t be. It just doesn’t make sense.

  • “It’s not an objection to brevity or humour, and no sensible person really sees a new range of possible emoji as a sign of the eschaton. It’s that they aren’t much use.”
  • “The brutal empty-frame of SMS can lead to misreading where irony is concerned, true, but a little symbol at the end seems like rather thin soup in a world where we have so much language at our disposal.”
  • “I don’t want to come across here as a linguistically conservative, humourless and miserable curmudgeon.”
  • “Emoticons seem pedestrian and unimaginative next to this level of innovation.”

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