I don’t like my children’s school reports. wait..

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Name: I don't understand my children's school reports
Date: 3/7/14
Author: Paul Chai

Key Ideas:

  • Teachers are writing nonsense on school reports to add bulk to them so parents would believe that their child was doing well.(?)
  • This may be because they are too afraid to say how their child is actually doing due to abuse from parents.
  • Actually making some parents upset or worried from not hearing how their child is ACTUALLY doing.
Language Features: Increasing  social distance, elevated word choices, school jargon
Course Aspects: Unit 3 - AoS 2: Formal Language - The relationship between the context and the features of language in formal texts, the role of discourse features and lexical choice in creating textual cohesion and coherence.

Personal Opinion: I think that this article is brilliant, it really shows what I would like to change when I become a teacher. Some (not all (miss…)) teachers just copy and paste the exact same report for each student in their class, and I’ve even had a teacher say that he did it. A student should be given the teachers true feelings on how they’re doing in class, and if in primary school, a parent should be given the fullest explanation on how their child is doing in class. This should change in the future, and I hope I can witness this change in the future.

  • “I am not afraid of hearing my child is doing poorly, I’m afraid of NOT hearing it, of it being lost in the impenetrable gibberish of half-term assessment that at times make James Joyce seem a study in clarity.”
  • “My son’s teachers could write that my kid is “showing a slightly heightened propensity to take an active role in removing the outer layer of stray felines” and I would miss it, such is the onslaught on nonsense language I am being fed.”
  • “This ridiculous language has had the desired effect, I no longer really care to read it, so I rarely judge the people involved.”

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