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Name: Lack of languages stifles Brits and Americans
Date: 8/7/14
Author: Harriet Swain

Key Ideas:

  • People that do not speak English as a first language are more advantaged than First-English speakers.
  • The demand for languages other than English has increased in America, and they can’t catch up with the education system to teach those languages.
  • Languages should be learnt in English speaking countries so that more students can engage in more learning.
Language Features: Language change, factors that contribute to a text's cohesion: anaphoric and cataphoric reference; synonymy etc. Criticism
Course Aspects: Unit 3 - AoS 2 - Formal Language: the use of formal language in 
— reinforcing social distance and authority 
— establishing expertise 
— promoting social harmony and negotiating social taboos

Personal Opinion: I think that Britain and America should both find teachers for languages all over the world for children to learn in schools, this will help provide more jobs for foreign citizens and help other people learn languages to travel and see the world, much like my other article, but less to do with Australia


  • “…discovered “strong evidence of a growing deficit in foreign language skills at a time when globally the demand for languages is expanding” in the UK.”
  • “”By sitting on our linguistic laurels we disadvantage the United Kingdom – and it’s exactly the same argument in the US,” he said. Young people from other countries could now offer fluency in English, plus their native language. “They are ahead of the game.””
  • “”Language isn’t just a bridge between cultures,” said Pauline Yu, president of the American Council of Learned Societies. “It’s a gateway into a culture.””
  • “In America, demand for languages other than English had increased so dramatically that the US education system was now “failing to provide a critical skill to the majority of this country’s youth”.”

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