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Name: Iggy Azalea's American accent: identity smoke-screen or hip-hop survival?
Date: 11/7/14
Author: Erika Jarvis

Key Ideas:

  • Iggy Azalea changed her accent to american when rapping, so not to be ridiculed by the American markets
  • Azalea’s Australian accent represents a girl from the bush, whereas when she ran away to the US, she learnt to rap in an American one.
  • Australian rappers exaggerate their own accent when rapping, making it broader in order to show solidarity  **interesting**
Language Features: Broad, General, Cultivated English
Course Aspects: Unit 4 - AoS 1 - Language Variation in Australian Society: features of Broad, General and Cultivated Australian English accents, the role of language in constructing national identity 

Personal Opinion: I think that Iggy can do whatever she likes as long as people enjoy the music she makes. People think that rapping is only about the voice but it is much more about the lyrics and the beat to which the voice is rapping on. All rappers can find a certain path that they can take with their voices.


  • “The winners, a little-known rapper-and-DJ duo called Koolism, dedicated the award to “all the Australians who keep it real”. “Be yourselves!” the DJ smirked. “Enough of that American-wannabe trash!” “
  • “Azalea’s speaking voice presents a girl from the Australian bush, while her rap delivery is more gangsta Nanny Fine.”
  • “the “accent debate” was deadly serious: should you rap in a fake American accent, or in an Australian one, which was distracting?”
  • “The Australian accent evolved among the children of convicts: a tough, resilient underclass which is still reflected in the predominantly white, male Australian hip-hop scene today.”
  • “The irony is that a 2003 study found that Australian rappers actually exaggerate their own accent when rapping — making it broader in order to show solidarity with their peers.”

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