Ohayou Gozaimasu

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Name: Australia's Foreign Language Deficit
Author: Jarni Blakkarly

Key Ideas:

  • About 5.8% of students in year 12 are studying an Asian language.
  • Since 1990, Japanese has been the most widely studied language.
  • The author thinks it is important that Australians learn a foreign language, but not every single person needs to.
  • The government wants 40% of students learning a language in year 12 by 2024. This won’t happen as learning a language is not an easy thing to do, it requires a lot of time and investment
Language Features: Language Change
Course Aspects: Unit 4 - AoS 1 - Language Variation in Australian Society: how and why Australian English varies according to culture, including Aboriginal English and ethnolects, attitudes within society to different varieties of English, including prescriptivism and descriptivism 

Personal Opinion: I think that learning a language would be very important for people so they can go out and experience the world, it would be much more fun to know what another person is saying and to be able to reply to them if they asked you a question in their language. I personally want to learn Japanese.


  • “We don’t need everyone to do Asian languages; we need a spread of languages.”
  • “If you look across the world in English-speaking countries they really struggle to get languages taught, but in non-English speaking countries there is an immense amount of language, often including English.”
  • “So while English does have this ability, the problem that this produces is a laziness and complacency about language studies.”



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