I believe Diversity is a very large wooden ship…

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Name: Diversity is Australia's strength and that's worth celebrating together
Date: 26/1/13
Author: Rauf Soulio

Key Ideas:

  •  Our nation is one of the most diverse places in the world in terms of language and heritage.
  • It has sparked from immigrants who settled here and built their lives.
  • Many people are getting their Australian citizenship.
  • Our national identity is changing drastically and ‘being Australian’ is constantly being redefined.
  • Freedom of speech is a crucial part of Australian identity, as there are so many different races in the country.
Language Features: Australian Identity, Exclusive Language (code switching (a little bit)), Individual identity
Course Aspects: Unit 4 - AoS 1 - Language Variation in Australian Society: The role of language in constructing national identity, the role of Standard and non-Standard English in Australian society

Personal Opinion: I believe that Australia’s identity is all about multiculturalism and that freedom of speech for ALL Australians is an amazing thing to have in this country. Many races who live in other countries don’t have as many opportunities to speak out or do anything that can show their own identity.


  •  “We have accepted the continuing development of our national identity and successfully engaged in more than six decades of constant redefinition of what it means to be Australian. This isn’t about discarding elements of who and what we are – there will always be a place for the indigenous and British heritage of this country – but it means our traditions are changing, and embracing the best of what the world has brought to our door.”
  • “In contrast, offending or insulting people because of race, colour, national or ethnic origin or religious beliefs sends a message that such people are not welcome members of our society.”
  • “Our nation has been energised by the immigrants who have settled here and demonstrated the greatest of enterprise.”

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