Introvert: “Don’t talk to me please” not “omg gAmingg”

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Name: Comment: What an introvert sounds like
Date: 19/8/14
Author: Olga Khazan

Key Ideas:

  • Introverts use words related to anime and emoticons, whereas extroverts use words like “party” “baby” and “ya”
  • People that are “open” are intelligent, and talk about “dreams” and the “universe” (apparently), using descriptive words, and people that are “not open” are unintelligent, and use words like “u” “wat” “gud” “wen”
  •  Words change as we age, 15 y.o.s talk about getting drunk, whereas 55 y.o.s talk about wine.
  • “Money makes you happier”
Language Features: -Neologisms-, Individual Identity, Group Identity
Course Aspects: Unit 4 - AoS 2: Individual and Group Identities: Social and personal variation in language according to factors such as age, gender, occupation, interests, aspiration and education, the ways in which the language of individuals and the language of groups is shaped by social expectations and community attitudes

Personal Opinion: I think that this article and the study in the article is absolute bull#$!^. Being an introvert is a personality where the person doesn’t care about other people as much as themselves, and the study basing someone being an introvert by liking anime, playing video games and using emoticons is ridiculous.


  • “Neurotic people disproportionately use the phrase ‘sick of’ and the word ‘depressed.’”
  • “males use the possessive ‘my’ when mentioning their wife or girlfriend more often than females use ‘my’ with ‘husband’ or ‘boyfriend.’”
  • “introverts make heavy use of emoticons and words related to anime, but extroverts say “party,” “baby,” and “ya.””



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