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Name: Avoiding Americanisms when using Australian/British English
Date: 2/4/13
Author: ???

Key Ideas:

  •  Difference between Australian and American word conventions, like “Learned” and “Learnt”
  • American Language can be very different from Australian language, and using Americanisms in essays is dangerous as it might be marked wrong.
Language Features: Word change between countries, Australian identity, Essay Writing
Course Aspects: Exam revision - Units 3 & 4

Personal Opinion: I think this will help be a lot in my Essay writing, as reading through this post, I saw that I used nearly all the Americanisms that were there. I will use this for my end of year exams. It’s also very interesting how little a difference things can be between two countries Englishes.


  • “By keeping just these few differences in mind while writing, you will dramatically reduce the number of stylistic errors in your text caused by confusion between the conventions of American and Australian English.”

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