I don’t know.. Jesus?

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Name: Who will teach our* languages
      *Because all Australians should accept responsibility for keeping them alive.
Date: 27/8/14
Author: Fully (Sic)

Key Ideas:

  •  Trying to bring back lost aboriginal dialects through government programs (awesome)
  • There are no teacher degrees for teaching aboriginal as a language. (not awesome)
  • Technology could save endangered languages, if it actually taught the language, other than showing it to the viewer (online dictionaries for eg)
  • There’s no simple or easy way to learn a language. It takes time, and it can’t be learnt by looking at a book.
  • What’s the point of having multi-level English classes when the country speaks the language well. (OH THE IRONY)
Language Features: Prescriptivism / Descriptivism, Identity, Learning Languages, Endangered languages, language loss
Course Aspects: Unit 4 - AoS 1: How Australian English varies according to geography, including national and regional variation, How and why Australian English varies according to culture, including Aboriginal English and ethnolects, the role of language in constructing national identity

Personal Opinion: I think it is an awesome idea that new ways are forming to bring back endangered languages, just like a species, language is a living thing that works through everyone’s lives and I hope it gets out of the “endangered” status and more people start learning the language.


  • “Those with teaching skills and those with language knowledge are often not the same people, if the language is being spoken outside schools at all.”
  • “But just being able to tweet or friend someone online in your own language won’t save it. (language)”
  • “Another popular place to look for miracle cures is overseas. The Maori and Hawaiians have had some major success; can’t we just copy from them? If we had the luxury of a single language, substantial native speaker populations and legislative reinforcement, following closely in their footsteps might be a good look.”
  • “More and more Australians are embracing the idea that our first languages should be taught in schools.”
  • “Language teaching requires not only time and hard work but, most of all, well-trained teachers.”
  • “Likewise technology isn’t going to replace teachers of endangered languages – at least not any time soon. If it was, we’d already have world languages like English routinely being taught without human involvement, and there’s not much sign of that, just yet.”

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